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About Intrepid Business Advisors
Executive Coaching Firm in Boston, MA

Executive Business Advisor, MBA, BA


In today’s ultra-competitive market, business leaders are immersed in so much change and disruption that they must learn how to ‘scale’ their leadership skills faster than ever before in order to move their company’s ahead. When you are moving this fast, it’s impossible to assess everything going on around you; that's when business leaders turn to Coach Ellie.

Coach Ellie is an award winning, Certified Business and Executive Coach based in the greater Boston, MA area who works closely with owners, partners, and C-suite executives. Business professionals call Coach Ellie when they feel stuck or are unsure how to reach their goals. Her clients may know the direction in which they want their company or themselves to grow; they just cannot seem to get there. “The best ideas are worthless if you can’t put them into place.”

With her Theory of Constraints approach to address the weakest link first, Coach Ellie has a natural talent for working with her clients to focus them in on the issues that are important to the business. She works closely with them to solve the company’s biggest challenges and remove the leaders "blind spots." Clients learn how to achieve their goals faster than they could on their own through a proven, strategic, sustainable plan that will enable continued growth and success. Her plans are customized to each client’s needs.

The goals she most often tackles are:

  1. Aligning the owners, partners or C-Suite Executives
  2. Stronger leadership
  3. Effective goal setting
  4. Increasing profit
  5. High impact sales training
  6. Team building
  7. Open communication
  8. Reliable performance measurement system
  9. Time management
  10. Embracing an open mindset

No one understands the needs of a business professional better than someone who has walked in those shoes, and Coach Ellie discovered her passion for coaching when she worked in the corporate world. She started her career as an Account Executive at Doyle Dane Bernbach Advertising, working on three Procter & Gamble products. She then went on to become the Green Card Manager, and then the Gold Card Advertising, Marketing & Sales Director at American Express. Finally, Ellie spent 13 years as the Vice President of Sales at Seventeen Magazine Worldwide, where she increased the magazine’s revenue year after year.

Coach Ellie has won many awards including: Highest Coaching Retention Rate in North America 2015 & 2016, and Best Client Results 2013, 2014, and 2015. At Seventeen Magazine, she was awarded Sales Person of the Year seven years in a row.

She holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia University.




“Coach Ellie has increased our profit by 241%! We've now worked with her for almost 1 1/2 years and have seen a dramatic change, not only in our business, but in ourselves as well. Coach Ellie has helped set clearer goals, helped us become better leaders to our team, understand cash flow and profit margin and has laid out a plan for the company that has had a big impact on our profit and our lives.”
Jason Maxwell & Pat Kehoe, Partners, Amaxx Construction