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Coaching Process — 5 Steps To Success


Step I: Assessments

“Know Thyself” — Socrates

Assessments are one of the most powerful tools any company can use to understand how you and your team can better communicate, interact, and become more effective and efficient. You will also gain a clearer understanding of yourself and how you influence and lead your team. Coach Ellie is certified in Profile XT, Motivation, Judgement, and DISC.

Step II: Alignment

“A Team Aligned Beyond a Vision Will Move Mountains” — Kevin Rose

The Alignment process is a 3-hour session where we set all the major goals that the company is trying to achieve for the year. An Alignment ensures that all key members of the company are on the same page and working towards the same major goals. Every coaching engagement must begin with the alignment, and all owners, partners, and relevant personnel must be present and participate.

Step III: action plan

“Success is 20% Skill and 80% Strategy” — Jim Rohn

Once the major goals are established, it is time to identify the winning strategies that map out how your company will fulfill its goals. These strategies are part of your action plan to success. They will also lay out to your team who does what by when.

Step IV: Accountability

“Accountability Breeds Response-Ability” — Stephen Covey

Accountability is at the heart of coaching. The coach holds the client accountable for the work they both agree upon. This is key to the client’s success because he is now responsible for implementing the strategies that will help the company grow. We help you with accountability to ensure that the plan moves forward and does not get stuck, or abandoned.

Step V: Measurement

“What Gets Measured Gets Managed.” — Peter Drucker

People play differently when they’re keeping score. Therefore, establishing KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) is an imperative part of our coaching process. KPI’s are a quantifiable measurement that determines how well a strategic goal is being met.

We also re-evaluate progress periodically throughout the coaching engagement to monitor and determine the suitability of the strategies used to fulfill your goals. The end objective is to ensure the client has achieved the desired goals and received the intended ROI from our engagement.




“I started working with Coach Ellie 4 years ago and she has changed my business and my life. Her suggestions and insight helped me grow my business beyond my wildest dreams and I have grown my business by over 180%.”
N. S. DeGroat, President, Breakthrough M2 Health and Wellness