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C-Suite Level Executive Coaching

The High Performance Process

Eric Schmidt, Past Chairman and CEO of Google, said that his best advice to new CEOs was “to get a coach.”

Coach Ellie realizes that C-Suite coaching is not for the faint of heart.

High powered people need a coach that can handle their exceptional drive and personality. She also is sensitive to the unique set of challenges and obstacles that they encounter on a daily basis.

Her High Performance Process covers:

  • The Executive Burnout Syndrome
  • How To Goal Set For Massive Results
  • How to Communicate To Your Team So That They Will Listen
  • Leading Your Company With a Growth Mindset
  • How You Need To Change As Your Company Grows
  • Dealing With The Board
  • Ensuring a Smooth M&A Transition Process

Coach Ellie’s proven High Performance Process will teach executives how to develop breakthrough leadership skills, open doors to new thinking and make empowering decisions to improve their lives both professionally and personally.




“I am woman partner at a very large accounting firm Coach Ellie is a miracle worker. She is no-nonsense, charismatic, smart and funny executive business coach. I always get great value from our sessions and am continuing to learn and grow. After each session, I incorporate what we have decided on into my practice. This has enabled me to grow and strengthen my CPA practice and my division in the company. Coaching has had immeasurable value not only to me, but also to my business and my team. I highly recommend Coach Ellie as a great business and executive coach.”
Marie P.B., Accounting Partner, PKF-O’Connor Davies