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Industries Served

Coach Ellie services are business and leader specific. Almost every business strategy and every leadership development strategy is universal across all industries boundaries. Thus they are non-specific to any given industry. Interestingly, improvement opportunities know no industry boundaries and are amazingly common and similar.

Coach Ellie has worked with an amazing array of different businesses in different industries, including yours! With that said, Ellie has had tremendous experience with certain industries, and has honed specific strategies for them:


Companies operating within construction: Trucking, excavation, septic, electrical, heating fuels, HVAC, plumbing, roofing, insulation, remodeling, decks, landscaping, and all other commercial and home services, representing a wide range of contractor business types.


A wide array of growth oriented companies providing professional and business services to individuals and business, such as: Accounting, financial planning & investments, insurance, financial services, IT, property management, engineering, legal services.


Customer relations and service depend heavily on what retailers communicate to the people who buy their products. And ways, methods, and channels of communication have radically changed in recent years. I have worked with: General stores, ice cream shops, clothing, hot tub and spa chemicals, pools stores, candy stores.