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Partnership Coaching

The United Partnership Process

“Because Business Partnerships are Messy” Coach Ellie

Coach Ellie loves to coach partnerships because it takes a high level of coaching experience to tackle an often messy situation. A weak partnership slowly starts to erode the partner’s relationship, the team and ultimately the company itself.

Ellie has the experience and a proven model to accurately diagnose what has to be done, devise a winning game plan to get the partnership back on track and move the business ahead to achieve their goals.

Her United Partnership Process has the owners focus in on the following:

  1. An alignment of all the partners regarding the direction of the company
  2. Setting up or readdressing the vision, mission, and values statements
  3. Ensuring an up to date partnership agreement
  4. Written job responsibilities for the partners and the team
  5. Making sure everyone knows who does what by when
  6. Setting up companywide KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) - even for the owners.
  7. Conducting a 360 to provide valuable feedback to how the partners run and lead their company.



“I have worked with Coach Ellie Marshall for the past three years and would recommend her services without hesitation. With her guidance and coaching, we have grown our firm from two to seven full time attorneys and, of course she has helped us increase profitability. We could not have grown our firm without her skills.”
B.T. Belowich, Sr. Partner, Belowich & Walsh